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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does LegacyScribes Offer?

Legacy Scribes is a one-stop-shop for preserving family history and making your journals fully sharable & secure over multiple formats. We offer scanning, indexed ( keyword-searchable) typing, printing & binding, audio narration, and a Legacy Assured premium package that can be integrated to the gravesite or memorial of your loved ones. 

Legacy Scribes even offers a live-journaling service to make creating your own memories easy. Text & email prompts and a quick turnaround will give you the gift of the journaling habit. 

Check back soon a detailed list of services and samples. 

How does it work?

Your journals are shipped to our secure location in Utah. Once the scanning is complete, each page is sedulously typed and tagged - the journal is now fully legible and can be searched for key terms i.e. names, places, and dates. 

Once this base process is complete, your journal is available online & easily shareable. You’re now ready to select other services - such as professional audio narration from a talented pool of actors & actresses (check back soon for samples of audio voices). We can even have your journal printed in hardcover, complete with numbered pages & an index. 

What do these services cost?

Our services are priced to give you options. Every journal is different, so a consultation is necessary. Roughly speaking you can expect something like this: 

Base Scanning & Typing: 

    Small, readable, sparse - $.75/page

    Medium Size, somewhat difficult, somewhat dense - $1.00/page

    Large, Difficult, Dense - $1.50/page

Audio Pricing: $0.042 per word

Printed Book: $1/page    

Beau is here to answer questions, explain how to start the full consultation, and begin the process. Simply call or text (435) 414-0441 or email hello@legacyscribes.org

Will my journals be stored forever?

As soon and the scanning & typing is complete and approved, your files will be available for downloading - untouchably yours. Legacy Scribes will host your files on our site for six months without charge, after that time we can continue to host the files for roughly $1 per month, per journal (depending on the page count and image sizes). 

If you would like to store the physical journals in our facility, we keep an insured chamber with acid-free, archival-grade containers. Inquire for prices. 

Will my journals be private?

Yes! If you wish. The files in your account can be shared or kept private, according to your preferences. Nothing will be read without your express permission. 

The journals I want preserved are fragile - will they be safe?

We employ several methods of gentle scanning, as suits the needs of each particular journal. Each member of our staff is committed to preserving your legacy. During consultation we will determine the exact method necessary to assure your journals are fully safe. 

We ship your journals through secured, insured mail carriers and require a signature for collection.