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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does LegacyScribes Offer?

We will store a digital version of your journals by scanning, uploading, and typing each page so they can be safely stored in our cloud servers forever. With typed and digitized pages you can easily search an entire volume for names, dates or events in a split second. You can also share journals with family or friends by simply giving them a link. We dont want your journals to sit in an attic only to be stumbled on once in a decade. It is a lot of work to write a journal, and they are a great benefit to those who read them, so we do all we can to protect them and make them accessable.

How long are journals stored on LegacyScribes?

Your $1 dollar gets your journals a FOREVER ticket to the LegacyScribes cloud storage. And by FOREVER we mean it. Not only do we store it FOREVER, but we keep the file formats and accessibility up to date, so your great grandchildren don't have to open an antique computer terminal to try to read your journals. We use Amazon's secure storage servers which are among the most reliable servers on the planet, because it is our top priority to keep your journals safe FOREVER.

How much does it cost to use LegacyScribes?

LegacyScribes costs $1 per page. It is a flat rate to keep things simple. Some journals will have bigger file sizes with more words, some will have less, but things seem to balance themselves out. If you need us to scan your journals for you, we are happy to, and only charge $.50 cents per scan. (We have lots of discount codes floating around too, so if you can find one of those, you can save some money)

Why do my journals have to be typed?

We feel like it isn't enough to just upload journals as images and leave it at that. Most of the time they are too hard to read even for adults today, and we are willing to bet that your grandchildren will have no chance trying read them 50 years from now. By typing your journals we make them indexable, searchable, copy-and-pasteable, and useful to today's technology and rising generation. A typed journal can be entirely searched for names, dates, and events in a split second, researchers can find all the journals that mention a certain person or place, and automatic translation can translate your journals to every language.

How long will it take for my journals to finish being typed?

It usually takes less than 2 weeks. Sometimes it's as soon as a few days, depending on the size and difficulty of the pages.

How accurate is the typing?

You should expect at least a 95% accuracy with the typing. As your pages are typed, you will be notified that you have pages awaiting your review. As you review your pages, if you notice too many errors, you simply reject the page and it goes back to the typist pool to be typed again. You can reject a page as many times as it takes until we get it right, but 99% of the time our customers are satisfied with the first version.

How do you scan my pages?

First, send us your journals via whatever carrier you feel comfortable with. When we receive them we will take museum-quality care to hand scan every page. We do not remove the bindings or take them apart in any way Here is an example video. We use an overhead scanner with high definition color to preserve every ounce of character on each page. If the pages are not numbered we will put a number on each page to help you, us, and the typists to keep track of the ordering. After we have scanned and counted the pages we send them back to you along with an order form to pay for the services before we upload them and type them.

What if I dont want others to be able to read my journals?

A journal can be marked as "private" to prevent unwanted parties from accessing it. In addition, each page can individually be marked as "private", if there is anything inappropriate or private specific to that page. A private journal or page will have a password, which you can give to anyone you would like to share it with.